What’s in a Name?

As promised in my first post, I need to explain why I have named my site, (something that was painstakingly difficult for me) Garden of Heart. My family’s last name is Garnhart. I am frequently referred to by coworkers and children alike as; Gardenheart, Garden, and Garnie. When I asked my friends to start brainstorming names it took them less than ten minutes and only twelve name suggestions to land on Garden of Heart (Yeah, my friends are super stars).

It’s catchy, it’s fun, and it’s a cute little play on words and my name. Just to be super clear though, if you are looking for gardening information of any type, you have come to the wrong place. I cannot garden… at all! I am really good at killing plants, but not keeping them alive. So if you stumbled upon my page on accident, while searching for gardening goods, please stick around and enjoy what you find, but please don’t be shocked to not have your gardening needs met.

Sticking with the play on words though, and a catchy Garden of Heart theme, you will notice that all of my page headings are garden based. Because honestly, it’s cute. And more importantly, my brain can’t handle for it not to all be related in some way! Below you can find a little introduction to what you’ll find on each page on my site. That being said, explore it all!

Tending the Garden

This section will be focused on the random thoughts that come to my mind that I feel are worth a bit of writing. These might include family, career stuff, wrestling with mental health, life, anything really! Nothing in here will be overly philosophical, might strike a nerve occasionally, and will most definitely include some curse words (it’s life, it deserves colorful language). Hopefully though, philosophical or not, you will find something that touches you, strikes you, or at the very least entertains you!

The Greenhouse

So, our house isn’t green. Even as I’m typing about these catchy-named pages, I’m realizing that this is pretty much all a lie, but forgive me. Our house isn’t green, although it does have some green trim! Again, this is just a play on words. This page will have all things home, specifically house upgrades! I try to channel my inner Joanna Gaines as often as possible and want to share with you my failures and successes. We just bought a house in August and fully (and I mean FULLY) remodeled the whole place!

Baby Carrots

Again, I can’t grow anything… so this is not actually about carrots, of any kind. This will be a section focused on the little Gardenhearts that we are raising. I’m a new mom, of two (more of that to come later), with very little experience, so please don’t be expecting a ton of answers. This will mostly be funny stories of my girls, crafts, all things little people!

Feed Me

Duh! This section is about food. Recipes, cooking secrets, pictures of me stuffing my face!

I’m anxious to keep posting and growing my site. I’m pretty much an open book and would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have along the way!

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