Little Gardenhearts

So, unfortunately my little Gardenhearts aren’t actually baby carrots, because neither has red hair. Trust me, in our home, this is SAD! My husband has red hair. As I like to jokingly (but dead seriously) tell people, “I married a ginger and I deserve to have ginger babies.” Low and behold, no gingers… yet!

Although neither of my girls are red heads, they’re both pretty dang precious anyway. I know, all moms think their kids are the best, and I’m definitely one of them. That being said, I also know that my girls are not perfect, but they’re pretty close. My husband and I have two daughters, one is six and another is nine months old. (Caveat: That’s their age at the time of writing this article, but you know, kids age really quickly and daily, so check the date of this post, they may be much older now)!

For the purpose of protecting my girls identity, I don’t plan on sharing their names. So on my site I’m going to refer to them as Big Garn (six) and Little Garn (nine months).

My husband and I adopted Big Garn officially in March of 2018, after she had lived with us for six months. She was five at the time and had completely stolen our hearts. I plan to share much more about her adoption, and the fear that comes along with it, as time progresses. Here’s what makes most people think we’re crazy though… I was seven months pregnant on the day of her adoption! She is an absolutely amazing older sister, a natural born leader, and hilarious.

Little Garn was born five weeks early (much to our surprise) and very quickly after we officially adopted her older sister. Having a baby is one of the most amazing things in the entire world. It’s a gift that I have not yet figured out how to put into words, but am hoping to try eventually. Her smell, her smile, and her newly developing personality bring a light to our world that I didn’t know was missing (or even a possibility).

Our girls are giving us a run for our money and I can only imagine what the future holds with them. Hold onto your hats folks and stick close to share this crazy parenting ride with me!

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