Hey Clark, Shitters Fixed!

Guys, I thought I was being so clever with the name of this post. Then, I showed it to my husband and he says, “It’s shitters full.” Duh! Come on man, we’re talking a classic National Lampoon reference. But then, after having to explain it to him, I questioned my cleverness, so now I’m explaining it, just in case. So much for clever!

In August, with a six year old and four month old, my husband and I sold our house and decided to upgrade a bit. Our new home is an upgrade by 50 years and has a garage, which trust me, is a BIG deal for us! But with these upgrades came a lot of work. A LOT!!!

We scraped popcorn ceilings, re-textured ceilings, replaced light fixtures, painted every square inch, replaced carpet, tiled floors, fixed holes (millions… no idea who needs that many things hung on walls), and finally fixed the bathrooms. Admittedly, I was terrible at taking before and after pictures because I was in a hurry to get projects done before the new school year started. Now, I’m definitely wishing I had taken more to share because we are extremely proud of our work. This post is all about the main level bathroom, which was by far the worst room in the house. Below I’ll explain the updates/changes and share the pictures and links with you!

To start, the bathroom was pink and just flat out dirty! I spent a substantial amount of time removing drywall screws that were left in, patching holes (on both the ceiling and walls), and scrubbing walls, baseboards… everything! Once all the holes were patched, I used spray on wall texture from Home Depot. I have found this texture to work extremely well, blend in nicely, and even dries quickly. It’s a go to for us! Warning though: make sure you have windows open and air flowing- this stuff is fumy!

After my patching work and texture dried it was time to paint. Our whole house is painted the same color, Dakota Ranchwood for the walls and Antique White paint for the ceiling and trim, both from Walmart. I really like Walmart paint and had the same paint, including the color in our last house. It looked great for the full four years we lived there, and cleans easily (which is a must with kids and dogs). This is the color and paint that we chose for the bathroom. It never ceases to amaze me how much of a difference a couple coats of paint make! What a difference from the pink! In addition to painting the walls, I did choose to paint the bathroom vanity. This is really difficult and I have not found a great way to get the paint to adhere to the smooth surface of the vanity. But for now, it looks great!

Then came the fun part… DECORATING! I chose matte black and white to continue the farmhouse theme from the rest of the house in the bathroom. You can find links for all the decorative items and hardware below the before and after pictures. All are great quality and I installed myself!

Short video of finished bathroom! Enjoy the sounds of everyday life in our home!

As promised, here’s a list (including links) of the goodies used in the bathroom. Full transparency, the Amazon links are affiliate links. I wouldn’t share the product with you if I didn’t love it and believe in it’s worth!

We’re incredibly pleased with how our bathroom turned out. It was hours and hours of work over a long weekend but it was TOTALLY worth it! Feel free to leave me a comment below if you have questions!

2 Comments on “Hey Clark, Shitters Fixed!

  1. Meg will you come do mine, maybe just the entry way. So proud of you, it’s beautiful.


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