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Brick, Mortar, Memories

Monday, as I packed up the final boxes from my classroom, my home for five years, I realized that some of the greatest sadness I was feeling throughout this process was in leaving the physical space of my classroom. As the emotions that I’ve… Continue Reading “Brick, Mortar, Memories”

The Dirty Deets: Miscarriage

Admittedly, the title of this post is a bit gruesome as you start reading and realize I really am giving the straight forward, honest, gross truth about a miscarriage. But come on, it’s just too funny to resist. Also, 90’s Megan needs “Deets” to… Continue Reading “The Dirty Deets: Miscarriage”

Confessions From An Anxious Soul

Ok… I’ve tried to cleverly start this post several times, and I don’t know how, apparently the cleverness isn’t flowing freely today! So I guess I’ll just start instead. I have anxiety. Lots and lots of anxiety. Don’t worry, I’m not telling you these… Continue Reading “Confessions From An Anxious Soul”

I Need My Mom

…and my dad too!! After another amazing week with my parents in town, I’m pretty emotional today as they head home. Each time it’s equally as difficult to say goodbye for all of us. It goes beyond just being sad because my mom and… Continue Reading “I Need My Mom”

Finding Purpose: Life After Athletics

What’s next? Now what? Who are you outside of wrestling? These are just some of the questions that instantaneously swept over me as I heard the final buzzer go off and saw your opponents hand be raised. You see, my now husband, had just… Continue Reading “Finding Purpose: Life After Athletics”

Miscarriage Taboo

Remember how I mentioned in one of my first posts that I fully intend to cover the full spectrum of subjects? I meant it! As it turns out, life has dark times, rough patches, and flat out shitty days. So in an effort to… Continue Reading “Miscarriage Taboo”

What’s in a Name?

As promised in my first post, I need to explain why I have named my site, (something that was painstakingly difficult for me) Garden of Heart. My family’s last name is Garnhart. I am frequently referred to by coworkers and children alike as; Gardenheart,… Continue Reading “What’s in a Name?”

Here I am!

So, let me give you the quick version of what you’re in for here… a little bit of everything! There’s a lot to think about when it comes to starting a blog (who knew?!). So, as per my usual, I’ve done a lot of… Continue Reading “Here I am!”